The Secret to Generating Lifetime Income

Different generations tend to save in different ways. Whether its hiding cash in old bed frames or tracking expenses on a smartphone in real-time, everyone has their own approach. Regardless of how people save, it is clear Americans share a common interest when it comes to retirement: financial freedom. There are numerous ways to ensure financial freedom throughout your golden years, but securing lifetime income seems to be the popular choice among America’s workforce.

Our recent data on the reality of retirement readiness in America’s workforce found nearly 80 percent of workers reported lifetime income as their number one retirement need. One solution to help ensure lifetime income is adding a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) to your retirement portfolio. This financial product can help balance your portfolio and generate guaranteed income for life to keep you financially free year-round. A financial professional, who is licensed to sell FIAs, is a great resource to help you decide if you should add one to your portfolio.

Here’s a bit more information on the basics of FIAs:

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Source: Indexed Annuity Insights

The Secret to Generating Lifetime Income

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